I am an interior designer from Austria with a background in cabinet-making. Once I finished my apprenticeship I realised that the only way I could fulfil my dream to create "complete room designs" would be to start my own business. 

I have always been a strong believer in the idea that a room and furniture are closely connected, and that a room should be a total concept that incorporates furniture into the overall design. My desire to create complete room designs, combined with my theoretical knowledge and practical skills has transformed me into a unique interior designer whose work is informed by the individual needs of each client.

My aim is to work closely with my clients to "unlock" their imagination, and to provide innovative design ideas through drawing and discussion. In particular, I like to focus on developing detailed furniture designs that maximise the available space and create an appealing environment.

I thoroughly enjoy living and working in Australia and I am very happy to be able to offer cutting-edge interior design ideas and concepts that have been influenced by contemporary Europe.

Client's Profile

As with all things, your circumstances will dictate your needs. Whether you are a family withthree kids, a young couple who have just moved into their first home, or an older couple embarking upon retirement, designing an interior and layout that suits your individual needs can be a very enjoyable experience.

It's important to ask yourself "What do I want right now?" and "What are my plans for the future?" Maybe you've worked out a budget for renovating your kitchen, or you may be thinking about removing a wall to make the kitchen bigger. Perhaps your children have moved out of home and you're thinking that now might be the right time to start designing that home study or home cinema you've always wanted. Maybe you've already started shopping for bathroom products, or perhaps your lifelong dream has come true and you're sitting in front of your house plans contemplating the interior design of your new home.