Many thanks for your interest in my Interior Design.

Please let me inform you of what you can expect, after you have filled out my inquiry form.

Within two days, I will call you to find out about your project and will offer you a one hour in-home consultation at no cost. Within this visit, I will take some measurements and discuss your ideas and needs and together we will work out a suitable layout .

I’ll get back to you within the next 10 to 14 days to show you two or three plans with different layouts for your project, or two to three different designs for a piece of furniture. After we agreed on a layout/design I’ll provide a quotation for all the custom made products and all other work been carried out. If you want to go ahead with your project I’ll draw $150.- deposit to prepare final plans incl. elevation drawings and to schedule your project in. (This deposit is fully deductible on final payment)